Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector (Set of 2)..


Heavy-duty protection to protect your mattress with heavy-duty, tear-resistant polyethylene bags. This two-pack of bags is perfect for moving or storing your mattress or box spring. It guards against dirt and pests, get reliable protection from dust, stains and rips, as well as mice and other pests. These durable bags can also be used to dispose of an old mattress. Fits up to queen size bed. Bags are recyclable. Overall Product Weight: 0.5lb.


Assure Sleep Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protect..


Assure sleep waterproof mattress protectors offer protection against urine, fluids, sanitary, perspiration dust mites, mold, mildew and allergens making them especially useful for those with kids, grandkids, pets, allergies. While sleeping, they shed millions of dead skin cells, which can accelerate quickly and accumulate providing an ideal environment for dust mites and allergens to settle. With their exclusive L'Cozee mattress protector it trap dust mites, allergens and skin cells on the... Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Viscose Rayon from Bamboo Terry Hypoallergenic Waterpro..


Viscose Rayon from Bamboo is a silky, soft fabric, naturally absorbent, which stays cool to the touch and is inherently luxurious. The fabric wicks moisture away from the body to help maintain a neutral temperature. It is also perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. The Viscose Rayon from Bamboo Terry Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector combines the soft fabric of the viscose rayon from bamboo with the stretchable, softness, and comfort of the jersey material to create a luxury... Waterproof Deep pockets Machine washable

Assure Sleep Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protect..


Their exclusive Trainzip micro zipper offers the ultimate in protection against bed bugs. Their feature not only prevents bed bugs from passing through the advanced tight invisible zipper, but also offers double seal technology which locks and seals the Trainzip and prevents zipper from moving, as well as a microfiber velcro patch to add further protection. Their premium mattress encasements are designed for full protection and peace of mind. Protects against fluids, bed bugs, allergens... Overall: 75'' L x 39'' W Pocket Depth: 9'' Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

Fresh Ideas Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protecto..


The Fresh Ideas Waterproof Underpad covers and protects your mattress from spills and ensures a dry, comfortable sleep. This hypoallergenic underpad is made of soft and durable polyester, while the vinyl lining provides water and fluid-resistance. It's also machine washable. Overall: 54'' L x 36'' W Pocket Depth: 0'' Overall Product Weight: 0.88lb.

Waterproof Mattress Protector by Alwyn Home


The Mattress Encasement is a 100% waterproof barrier that will extend the performance of your mattress, while providing you and your family with a hygienic sleeping area. Did you know a mattress can increase in weight over a period of time due to sweat, dead skin cells, liquid spills, dust mites and mold build up? This can cause staining to the surface and can void most manufacture mattress warranties. Made of 100% waterproof technologically advanced fabric, this revolutionary mattress... 100% Waterproof barrier that will extend the performance of your mattress Provides you and your family with a hygienic sleeping area 100% Polyester super-stretch fabric is machine washable


Somea Waterproof Mattress Protector by South Shore


This mattress protector from South Shore furniture will ensure a great nights sleep for your kid, as well as essential protection for the mattress. Overall: 78'' L x 44.25'' W Overall Product Weight: 2.75lb.

Standard Bed Bug Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Pro..


Professional quality protective bedding: Water resistant barrier on all 6 sides of mattress, independently lab-tested to be 100% bed bug proof Easiest mattress pad: 3 Sided zippered mattress cover easily stretches to fit any mattress depth from 9" to 15

Encase Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by ..


The Encase? mattress protector will completely protect all sides of your mattress and can help eliminate bed bugs. The Encase? is backed by the laboratory certified H2Pro?Membrane has microscopic pores that allow air to permeate while blocking larger molecules like liquids, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and allergens, creating a liquid proof, noiseless and breathable barrier. Six-sided bed bug proof protector encases entire mattress Top portion can be zipped off for convenient laundering Smooth polyester surface is quiet and will not change feel of mattress

Guard Fitted Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protect..


Miracle Membrane backing is absorbent and waterproof Keeping your mattress dry and free of stains Dust-mite barrier and reduces exposure to allergens

Deluxe Mattress Protector by Strobel Mattress


Deluxe Natural Cotton stretch cover fits over foam pads, your stack of pads, or existing mattress. High quality thick cotton stretch fabric. Features hidden bottom zipper to install or remove easily. Non skid bottom. Free from flame retardant or other toxic chemicals Cover will be made to total thickness of Strobel foam pads ordered, If ordered alone cover will fit tall or thickness specified. Made in USA. Natural cotton Non-toxic and hypoallergenic Build your own mattress - the only way to be chemical free, and safe! Free from flame retardant or other toxic chemicals

Posturepedic Encasement Maximum Zippered Hypoallergenic..


The Sealy Posturepedic Maximum Protection Mattress Encasement is for those seeking total protection for their mattress. Made with luxurious knit fabric that fully encases your mattress, it protects against household allergens, like dust mites and pet dander. Waterproof fabric protects against spills and stains, while the bed bug blocking zipper prevents bed bugs from making a home in your mattress. Top Fabric: 100% Polyester Knit with TPU Laminated Backing Sidewall Fabric: 100% Polyester Brushed Knit with Polyethylene Laminate Non-chlorine bleach when needed

Organic Smooth Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Prote..


100% Organic tencel Waterproof Protect your family from household allergens and pests Deep pockets

Guardmax Bed Bug Zippered Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mat..


Away with Bed bugs! No more crinkling or annoying plastic sounds. Sleep comfortably and undisturbed while protecting your mattress from bed bugs and water stains. Dust mite-proof, allergy-free and antibacterial. Tight zipper closure will keep bed bugs out completely! Superior Quality. Will not tear or crack. Quality guaranteed! 100% Polyester, Polyurathane backing. Machine wash and dry. Overall Width - Side to Side: 9

Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by Sealy


Prevent spills and stains from ruining the mattress to help extend mattress life with the fitted Sealy Stain Protection Mattress Protector. The soft, breathable cotton touch fabric is specially treated with a stain release finish, features a waterproof backing and is machine washable Material: 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester 200 Thread count Color: White Stain release fabric finish Primary Material: Cotton blend

Pebbletex Organic Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Pr..


Greenzone waterproof, Tencel Mattress Protector in twin xl size protects your family from household allergens and pests. Mattress protectors have been recommended by doctors and allergists. Material: Top fabric is 100-percent Tencel with cotton jersey fitted side panels. Constructed with a patented multi layer fabric process finished with a polyurethane laminate and waterproof treatment. The Greenzone Mattress Protector is constructed with double stitched seams to ensure many years of use.... Cover Material: 100% Cotton Recommended Mattress Thickness: 18 Product Warranty: 1 year Topper Type: Mattress pad Water Resistant: Yes

Premium Terry Cotton Hypoallergenic and Waterproof Matt..


Let they help you in your struggle to protect your investment while you sleep upon it in a relaxing blissful everything is going to be okay lumber-they has you covered! Their 10 year warranty will provide your heartache comfort in knowing they guarantee their product will repel all liquids, aid in allergy sufferers, keep you cool/dry with their unique airflow. Certification process by oeko-tex that many other companies fail to get. Made with eco-friendly textiles backed. Their mattress... On constant guard Protect your mattress Crinkle free flexible design Sleep in comfortable silence Ultra thin and breathable

Box spring cover by Alwyn Home


Add a chic finishing touch to your bedding with this essential design, perfect in the master suite or guest room. Boxspring cover Material: 100% Polyester Covers made in United States Machine washable Fits most standard size box spring mattresses

Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector in Brushed..


Durable and hypoallergenic, this Mattress/Boxspring Cover encases your mattress and provides protection from dust mites and bedbugs. This mattress cover is made from vinyl, which makes it highly durable. It sports a brushed silk finish that enhances its beauty. The mattress cover is fire, fade, odor, water, and mold resistant ensuring years of reliable use. It is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. This mattress cover is available in numerous sizes to choose from. This... Material: Heavy weight Vinyl Waterproof Fire retardant Electronically sealed seams Dust allergen proof and certified bed bug proof

Pebble Puff Tencel Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by..


Your Forty-Winks? Pebble-Puff? Eucalyptus Naturals a Tencel? Lyocell? Aero-Weave mattress protective cover by Weft-Tex is designed for maximum comfort and a rejuvenating night's rest. This mattress protector provides a protective barrier against dust mites and other allergens. Constructed with Forty-Winks trademark multi-layer Eucalyptus Naturals a Tencel? Lyocell? surface fabric and a super plush polyester batting fill. Forty-Winks finished the mattress pad with a urethane laminate... Overall: 28'' L x 8'' W

Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement Hypoallergenic Matt..


Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug entry and escape proof Fully encases the box spring Prevents and stops bed bugs from entering or escaping your box spring


Fitted Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by ..


This Fitted Vinyl Mattress Protector provides full protection from fluids and dust, keeping mattresses clean and fresh. The elastic-bound corners allow for easy application and removal. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Fitted elastic corners Helps keep mattress clean and fresh Wipes clean with damp cloth 100% Vinyl construction Translucent

Quilted Bed Bug Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Prot..


Create a barrier against allergens, bed bugs and other pests with this mattress protector. Perfect for those who living in big cities or areas where bed bugs are an issue, this mattress pad system protects your mattress. The 100% polyester exterior creates a waterproof surface. This mattress pad covers the top and sides of mattress, saving you from needing to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a new mattress (does not feature a zippered closure) The protective material is waterproof and... Overall Product Weight: 2.3lb.


Defend-A-Bed Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protect..


Whether you're giving guests a resort-worthy treatment in the spare bedroom or setting the foundation for your restful master suite ensemble, this mattress protector is an essential addition to any bedspread. Featuring a fitted polyester and terry cloth design, this fitted mattress protector is hypoallergenic and waterproof. Wrap it over your memory foam mattress to bring a dash of durability to your restful nest, then set out a bedspread of cozy flannel sheets, feather duvet comforters, plush... Pocket Depth: 22'' Overall Product Weight: 4lb.

Quilt Guard Fitted Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress P..


Miracle Membrane backing is absorbent and waterproof Keeping your mattress dry and free of stains Dust-mite barrier and reduces exposure to allergens

DreamLab Cooling Jacquard Hypoallergenic Mattress Prote..


This cooling jacquard mattress protector provides long-lasting cooling comfort for your entire body without prior refrigeration. In fact, it's cool to the touch right out of the package! It's also hypoallergenic to protect from dust mites and other household allergens. Pocket Depth: 15''

Heavy Duty Deluxe Encasement Hypoallergenic Waterproof ..


Mattress encasement fiber content: 100% Tear free vinyl fabric is cool and comfortable, breathable waterproof membrane won't trap heat while you sleep Easiest mattress pad: 3 Sided zippered mattress cover easily fits mattresses 9" deep and can be easily wiped clean and wont stain


Jersey Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by ..


Rest easy knowing your mattress is safe from accidents, spills, dust mites and allergens. The Lucid Rayon from Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector brings supreme comfort to mattress protection. Made of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton, this protector is soft, quiet, and breathable. The noiseless StratoSmart waterproof barrier blocks out fluids and allergens while allowing airflow for a comfortable climate. A knit skirt with deep pockets and thick elastic provides a smooth, secure fit on... Pocket Depth: 14'' Overall Product Weight: 1lb.

Lock-Up Total Encasement Hypoallergenic Waterproof Matt..


The JT Eaton lock-up total encasement bed bug protection traps bed bugs in its durable encasement and keeps dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens from invading your box mattress with a durable zipper lock feature. This king size total encasement has a smooth double knit body and waterproof top to protect against liquid spills. This material is quiet and breathable to prevent sweating and heat. The double zipper makes it easy to put on or remove the mattress encasement. This mattress cover is... Lock-Up collection Trapped bed bugs are "locked-up" while invading bugs are locked out Constructed of durable stretch knit fabric with waterproof top

Tencel Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by ..


Sleep soundly and comfortably in the knowledge that your mattress is protected by Bonne Sante. The best protection against liquids, stains and allergens, Bonne Sante mattress protectors are waterproof, yet breathable, and provide a super level of protection for your bed. TENCEL is a modern, ecologically-friendly wonder fibre that is naturally breathable, absorbent, hypoallergenic and inhibits the growth of bacteria. The smooth fiber surface feels soft against the skin. TENCEL is more absorbent... Material: 100% Tencel Ultra absorbent Waterproof Protection against fungal spores, bacteria, sweat, allergens and dust mites

Waterproof Mattress Protector by Malouf


Featuring an anti-bacterial filling and waterproof laminate, this essential mattress pad adds a protective layer to your bed. Overall Product Weight: 2.2lb. Overall Product Weight: 1.7lb. Overall Product Weight: 1.8lb. Overall Product Weight: 2.1lb. Overall Product Weight: 1.9lb.

Defend A Bed Ultimate Rayon Quilted Waterproof Mattress..


The defend-a-bed ultimate rayon from bamboo quilted mattress protector is the perfect combination of a 100% waterproof mattress pad and thick quilted topper. Naturally silky rayon from bamboo cover is quilted to prevent quilting material from shifting around. Generously overfilled with soft quilting material, which allows air to flow between cover and the waterproof barrier. The 100% waterproof barrier is noiseless and prevents liquids, dust mites and other allergens to pass through. The fitted... Generously overfilled for all-season comfort Fully quilted with padded top to protect your mattress Natural soft rayon from bamboo fitted sheet style Noiseless waterproof barrier underneath quilt